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The World Conference on Unity of Man will take place in December

On Dec 8 -10, 2007 the World Conference on Unity of Man will take place in India. The purpose of this is to explain the basic unit of life and contribute to an essential improvement of the situation present today. According to organizers, they believe that it is dominated by aggression, violence, religious sectarianism, and racism.

At the event, personal leaders of the social sector, political and of science as that of religious leaders will offer different conferences and discussions. The key speaker of the conference will be Kirpal Singh. The organizers of the conference is Unit of Man, a cultural and spiritual organization established in 1974 by Kirpal Singh. Unit of Man is a movement at an international level, that fights to wake up public opinion on the conscience of the unit following the words of Saint Kirpal Singh.

The Conference respects all religions but does not limit on denominations. The meeting establishes that, until today, no religion, ideologies nor politics have had that much success in solving the problems of humanity that is interconnected but distant at the level of our hearts. World issues are not of a political nature, but of an spiritual nature.


The central moment of the conference will be the inauguration of the symbols in the upper part of the main building: a model of a Gurdawara, an Hindu Temple, a Mosque and a Church. Their forms respectively represent the four physic forms of buildings found in all religious traditions, and, symbolically, are referred to the body.
To register in the Conference send an email to or click here.
See the Conference's Programme.



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Translation by Belen Abad Garcia
on 24/08/2007
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