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Facebook: Organizations gain a space.

Facebook is a web with social utility. It was created by the Harvard University and anybody can participate in one or more than one network to be in contact with friends, class mates, collegues and, of course, the NGO you participate with, association or interest group.

Last July 10, 2007 Facebook achieved the spectacular figure of 30 million active users, which gives an idea of the potential that offers to connect to the not lucrative sector with persons from all over the world.

There are many ways of taking part in Facebook, and has chosen the creation of an opened group to all who feel identified with our reason "Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations".

In this space we coincide many persons that we feel associates, volunteers, sympathizers, or promoters of the reason, and it allows us to take part and to generate sinergías in an international and amicable environment orientated to improve the world using the technologies of the information to help the organizations. recommends the organizations with social base to get a space in Facebook.

Translation by Susana Castilla
on 26/10/2007
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