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ICT and Dependency - Opinion poll

The Vodaphone Foundation has published the opinion poll "ICT and Dependency” which deserves to reach all those organisations like ours that work to improve the environment of people at various levels of dependency.

Estudio TIC y Dependencia Fundación VodafoneThe Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are now seen as a fundamental tool of economic and social development. Economically, they are a positive force for growth, for dynamic activity and productivity. Socially, ITC make a decisive contribution to the democratisation of access to information, facilitating equality of opportunity, improvement in the citizen’s quality of life and social well-being.

This whole transforming and integrating effect of ITC and the Information Society has a particular effect on people in a situation of dependency, allowing them to increase their personal autonomy and making it possible for them to contribute to and participate in the Knowledge Society.

The themes treated in depth in the survey which was carried out among nearly 500 people are:

1. The information society and dependent groups. The challenge of e-inclusion and e-accessibility
2. ICT and vulnerable groups
2.1. Blindness
2.2. Hearing difficulties
2.3. Physical disabilities
2.4. Chronically sick and mentally ill, those on the threshold of dependency
2.5. Generalisation of dependency among adults
2.6. Gender violence: a new form of vulnerability

The 172 page study can be downloaded in PDF format  

Translation by Christopher Carver
on 17/10/2007
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