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Headline news was present at Humanizar 2007

The first Conference on Cooperative Social Responsibility Humanizar 2007 was held in Zaragoza on the 17th and 18th of October, promoted by the Industry and Commerce Department of the government of Aragón. organized the round table “Internet for NGO’s”.

Humanizar 07 was carried out with the objective of encouraging what is a sometimes difficult meeting between the private sector and the third sector. There were conferences, debates and round tables organized for this occasion to shed light and knowledge on the matter for all of the involved parties in the sector: businessmen, public administrators, consumers, international organizations, mass media, NGO's, unions, financial entities, Universities and Schools of Business.

AYUDAR '07 was held at the same time in the same Feria Zaragoza which brought together under one roof the supply and demand of the professional non-lucrative world. had a stand at Ayudar 07 and it also organized the round table "Internet for NGO's" as part of Humanizar to talk about the new opportunities that the Internet offers the NGO’s and the non-lucrative organizations. The debate was led by Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager of

Stand of

Translation by Heather Dawson
on 13/11/2007
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