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Headline news was mentioned in the Social Responsibility yearbook

The second edition of Responsible ICT´s dossier has been published, edited by MediaResponsable. The dossier analyzes the situation of Social Corporate Responsibility in companies of the TIC sector and includes a survey of the ONL´s that work with ICT´s, in which was included.

MEDIA RESPONSABLE has just edited the second edition of the Dossier TIC RESPONSABLES. The publication analyzes in depth the state and challenges that the ICT sector faces in regards to Social Responsibility, through news, interviews to the maximum representatives of the sector, the opinion of over 35 experts, 15 tribunes and 35 case studies of the leading companies.

The Dossier picks up a chronology of the most important news on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT´s) related to the Responsibility and Sustainability occurring in the last year. It also includes interviews to the maximum representatives of the sector, so much at an institutional level as managerial. In them it highlights the opinion of Resource Manager of, Ramón Bartomeus.

The Dossier incorporates 15 articles with the opinions of directors of associations related to the sector. Also, there is a section of case studies where there are more than 35 files with information on activities of Social Responsibility of leading companies of the sector in terms of Sustainability.

The monographic Dossiers of Media Responsable seek to study in depth the determined sectors and subject matter. In 2007, the editorial published the Dossier HEALTH AND RSE; Dossier FINANCE AND INSURANCE; and the Dossier HUMAN RESOURCES AND RSE. Before the year is over, the launching of the Dossier SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT; and the Dossier RESPONSIBLE PURCHASING AND CONSUMPTION.

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Translation by Lucia Rodriguez Ilaria
on 13/11/2007
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