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1st December, World AIDS Day

While UN calls for leadership in combating AIDS, in Catalonia an organization assumes the challenge and therefore, it is awarded an Ab·core program for 2007 Web Projects and it is nominated to Volunteering Awards 2007.

United Nations Organization commemorates World AIDS Day on 1st December. This year the focus is on "leadership" and the campaign slogan is "Stop AIDS. Keep the promise". According to the latest United Nations statistics, the percentage of people living with HIV has remained stable and the number of new infections has decreased. In 2007, it was estimated that there are more than 33 million people infected with AIDS, that 2,5 million people became infected during the last year and that 2,1 million people have died from AIDS.

The message from UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, has focused precisely on this: “(...) Whatever our role in life, wherever we may live, in some way or another, we all live with HIV. We are all affected by it. We all need to take responsibility for the response. On this World AIDS Day, let us show the leadership required to live up to that responsibility”.

According to United Nations, since the start of the epidemics, experience has shown unequivocally that there has been significant progress, especially when there is strong and committed leadership. To a large extent, leadership in fighting HIV/AIDS has been provided by civil society organizations questioning the present status quo.

In Catalonia, leadership is provided by ACASC, Associació Ciutadana Anti-sida de Catalunya. This organization has been awarded a grant for Ashekor and Web Projects, therefore achieving a greater level of communication with its beneficiaries. At the same time, this organization is participating in the 15th edition of Volunteering Awards 2007, which will be announced on 2nd December. On this edition, 10 solidarity projects are participating: 5 of them are of national level and 5 are of international scope.

Translation by Pamela Gulijczuk
on 18/12/2007
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