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Meet the artist behind the Most Sent Postcard of 2007

His name is Luis Burrel and, although of Spanish nationality, he lives in Germany. He is the creator of “Colourful Tents”, the most sent postcard through during the festive period.

Despite the title of the postcard and the German address, which lead you to believe he was born outside of Spain, the creator of the most sent postcard Luis Burrel was born and bred in Barcelona and has only lived in Frankfurt, Germany since 1997. We interviewed him in order to learn more about the person behind the electronic postcard:

How did you find out about our competition?

I designed the postcard at the beginning of December with the intention of sending it to my friends and family. Before I sent it out I emailed it to my sister Nuria for her opinion. She sent it to a friend who knew about your Christmas postcard competition. My sister’s friend suggested that I enter it into the competition.

Colourful Tents – Most Sent Postcard 2007

Tell us about your professional background and what you wanted to get out of participating in this competition?

I paint and draw for enjoyment: it’s a hobby. I earn a living designing electrical goods such as steam irons and electric shavers. By entering the competition I wanted to make the people who received my card happy. Sending a few lines to a person that you love to tell them that you are thinking of them is a wonderful thing and reinforces the bonds that unite us and bring us together. Your competition allowed me to help people write more postcards by making a “suitable” design available to them. On some level I have been a part of the happiness created by these postcards.

What were you trying to express through your design?

I wanted to make people happy when they looked at my drawing, to give them happy thoughts. The stars are a symbol of Christmas. They are the lights that guide the three wise men. They could be the lights that guide us in 2008. The 2008 is floating up in the clouds, symbolising hope and enthusiasm. May all our dreams come true! Tents are great places to stay and are associated with freedom and adventure. This image combined with the bright colours helps us imagine a future filled with hope and happiness.

Luis Burrel Designs

What do you think of this initiative?

I think it is fantastic that 12,000 people have received Christmas cards thanks to this initiative.


Translation by Susan Partridge
on 23/01/2008
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