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Headline news announces its courses for 2008: 100% grant for Not for Profit Organisations

Once again invites you to its on-line courses designed to bring the Internet and the new technologies into organisations so as to make work in easier in all kinds of different set-ups. Find out about the topics and facilities for NPO's!

If you work or volunteer for a not for profit organisation (NPO), whether it is an Association, Foundation, NGO or whatever, this year you have a great opportunity with the Programme of Courses since members of these organisations can count on a 100% grant for the cost of the course.

On these courses students can find out, for example, about free communications tools available on the web for use in their organisations, different ways of organising meetings, managing projects and/or volunteers. The courses are an approved part of the Training Plan for Catalonia Volunteers and are delivered in Catalan and Spanish.

What is is a not for profit organisation started in 2001 with the object of helping NGOs use New Technologies. Our belief is that Communications and Information Technology must not be a limitation but an additional weapon to help an NGO achieve its objectives. We create and adapt easy to use web tools so that NGOs can become more efficient. We also carry out training in New Technologies and share our efforts with other organisations so as to eliminate divisions.

Course information

*The on-line courses can be studied at any time and at any place on the virtual campus. The tutor and pupils work as a team.

*There are some subsidised places for members, volunteers and helpers of NGOs who receive 100% GRANT. For the rest of the students the COST IS 100€ + VAT

*The courses have two aspects to them, one more practical, technological and the other more theoretical/social. Course users can study either one or the other in greater depth according to their interests.

*The training is very accessible; you just need a computer connected to the web and let yourself be guided by the tutor.

*Users can share their experiences on the virtual campus.

*Students who complete the course satisfactorily will receive a diploma awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia, as it is a course recognised in the Volunteer Training Programme of Catalonia

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Translation by Christopher Carver
on 31/01/2008
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