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Travel responsibly using the Radio

This is the idea that, the webradio from Turisme Responsable proclaims, a COMSOC project that counts with’s technological support and has just launch a website.

This idea was born after a responsible tourist trip on August 2005, started by a group of people to know the Sin Tierra Movement in Brazil. The following year, they founded in Radio L'Hospitalet a programme about the Fair Tourism in Spain called ‘Mundo Abierto de Verano' (Summer Open World).

The broadcasts were always livened up by the original music and rhythms from each place. Every programme was a different trip, a human approach to the people of the Earth through the organizations, lively people willing to encourage listeners to take part on a different way to know the world.

From this radio programme and from the eagerness to be on air the whole year to spread Fair Tourism, finally was born, a Fair Tourism webradio where you can travel, in addition to by radio, visually, thanks to the photo albums added by guests.

COMSOC – Social Communication, invites you to listen, see, feel and be part of every one of the trips available on the website. Senegal, Brazil, India, Mozambique, Japan, Cuba, Morocco and Argentina are some of the destinations proposed by the fourteen organizations that are, for now, accomplices of this initiative. In the Radio, the participation of director and theatre actor Pepe Rubianes stands out. He is the guide of the trip around Ethiopia.

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Translation by Belén Abad
on 15/03/2008
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