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Headline news participates in the debate about web 2.0 at the UN

Our NGO has been invited by the Global Alliance for the Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID), an initiative approved by the General Secretary of the UN in 2006. The alliance responds to the need and demand created by different actors of an inclusive global forum and a platform for the dialogue on the use of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Through this dialogue it is expected to meet the internationally agreed objectives for development and its subsequent reduction in poverty.

The Global Alliance for the ICT and Development within the department of Economical and Social subjects of the UN (UNDESA-GAID) has organised the event called “United Nations meeting on Web 2.0 – New media, entrepreneurs and new opportunities ICT in emerging markets”, which took place on 25 and 26 of March in Conference Room IV at the UN headquarters in New York. The event is the second one of a series of private, interactive and action-oriented meetings, organised by UNDESA-GAID with leaders within the world of the ICT, who create and innovate within the field of the new technologies.

Jordi Duran I Batidor, founder and CTO of has been invited to participate as a panellist at the table “Social network and ICT entrepreneurs”, which tries to explain and debate what makes someone to be a social entrepreneur in this era and how social networking can help other ICT entrepreneurs and others organise themselves and solve problems.

In February 2007, the Alliance organised “The UN meeting in Silicon Valley” in Santa Clara, California, which explored the subject of how the technology and business industry in Silicon Valley can bring development. With the assistance of reputable names within the industry, academia and the capital community, along with members of the strategic counsel of the Global Alliance, this meeting discussed the challenges and alliances between the public and private sectors within the area of ICT to promote development.

The “United Nations meeting on Web 2.0” is a continuation of the meeting in Silicon Valley and they chose New York as venue for being one of the main centres in global finances as well as the UN headquarters, which could potentially encourage investment and technology from the developed world.

 The structure of the meeting on web 2.0 was as follows: the first day revolved around several dialogues on politics and panel sessions on key subjects such as the use of technology to bring development; understanding the mind of the ICT entrepreneurs and how the new media and contents are shaping the businesses and economies of the developing countries. The agenda for the second day included an investment forum, a presentation on emerging businesses and investment opportunities within ICT in the developing countries, including ICT initiatives in different countries in Africa, Asia, America, the Middle East, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. 

Click here to download the full programme.

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Jordi Duran, CTO of at the panel of the meeting on the first day

Translation by Beatriz Cooper
on 01/04/2008
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