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"El Príncipe Esquivo" winner of the International Book Day contest 2008

The collection of poems by Ronald Franklin Castillo Florian, from Peru, has been the most downloaded book in the 2008 contest. As of 12 o'clock on 22 April there were more than two thousand clicks to download one of the 23 works posted on our web site. Once again, we would like to thank the authors for their generosity and trust and the readers for their faith in the project.

Today we are celebrating International Book Day. In Catalonia this is the day of St. Jordi and at we are announcing the winner of our contest in honor of the book.

El Príncipe Esquivo, is a collection of poems the author himself described as apt for being made into a play, in which the characters intersect like phantoms in the readers is deserving of the Prize for the Most Downloaded Book in the second edition of the contest. It is a work that ontends to break the existential drama of beings seperated by destiny and who at the same time are awaiting to be brought together by it.

A large number of books arrived in response to the contest. Out of those, 23 were selected to be published on our web site. Since the beginning of the month until today there have been more than 2 thousand clicks to download one of the pieces of writing.

We would like to thank the writers for supporting this project which we have titled "Books to cross the digital divide". And we would also like to thank the readers who have accepted the challenge of obtaining reading material from their computer screens.

The pieces of writing from the contest will remain on our website so that they may be downloaded. So, get with it, you still have time to read!

Translation by Gregory Vigo Torres
on 25/04/2008
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