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Barcelona celebrated the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Night, together with some other 37 countries

At Plaza del Rey, a series of events were held by 1001 Actions for Dialogue organization. There, associations gathered to celebrate cultural heritage of the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

Board of Education from Generalitat de Catalunya and Instituto Europeo de la Mediterránea have jointly organized Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Night on the 22nd May 2008 at Plaza del Rey (Barcelona), starting at 4 pm.

This event was part of 1001 Actions for Dialog's celebrations, which include cultural activities aimed at bridging the gap that exists between the different cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean area. In fact, Dialogue Nights were held simultaneously in thirty-seven countries, from Finland to Morocco, and from Ireland to Turkey. In each country, people could enjoy music performances and exhibitions.

Also at Barcelona, students from different levels received awards for winning a contest about "intercultural stories". At Plaza del Rey, one could also find the "Feria del Voluntariado Asociativo" [Collaborative Volunteership Festival] aimed at showing people what the world of volunteership is like. Barcelona Voluntaria was one of the organizations taking part in it. This is a non-profit Youth association, pluralistic and independent, that offers non-formal education to young people. They generate social and cultural-related projects, mainly at international level.

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Giacomo Calvo
Translation by Pamela Gulijczuk
on 31/05/2008
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