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Ghana - Gain a smile: attend a beautiful solidarity concert

A tenor, a violinist, two pianists and the members of the NGO Ghana - Gain a smile that support rural African orphanages invites you, on June 12th, to an intimate concerto so that the music becomes a good excuse to gain smiles.

A gesture can change another one. This is what the motivators of the NGO Ghana - Gain a smile, that invite you to a solidarity concert this June 12th, with the purpose of obtaining resources to support orphanages in Africa. Your attendance may transform itself in hundreds of smiles.

Ghana - Gain a smile, is an NGO that began its work in 2006, supporting the orphanage of Huhunya. During 2007 they carried out their first projects, centered mainly on this orphanage. At the same time, they began to help in another orphanage: the Otrokper orphanage.

Ghana - Gain a smile has no personal or infrastructure expenses. It works thanks to the volunteer work of its helpers. This is why, together with the enthusiasm of two voluntaries like Ramón Bartomeus and Montse Roig, and the good will of the tenor Marc Sala and of the Piano contest María Canals winner, José Enrique Bagaria, this concert was possible.

We attach the PDF of the invitation, with the coordinates to arrive at the concert and the photographs of these people who unselfishly work for this cause.

We´ll be waiting for you!

Date: June 12th, 2008
Time: 9:30 pm
Location: "El Teatrillo", Carrer Margenat, 66

Translation by Maria Lucia Rodriguez Ilaria
on 27/05/2008
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