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Iwith Signs a Collaborative Agreement with ICV

They are two organizations that work with new technology and in the virtual domain. Both believe in the "developing" power of TICs and as such, they have collaborated to give life to interesting projects and future opportunities.

ICVolunteers (ICV) is an international non-governmental organization (federation) active in the communication domain, particularly in cyber volunteering, languages, and support and organization of conferences. ICV works with volunteers to put into action social and educational programs that assist local developing populations and communities.

Regarding volunteering, ICV collaborates with humanitarian, social, environmental and health organizations to carry out projects and conferences on the local, national and international levels. ICVolunteers is based in Geneva (Switzerland) and has offices in many other countries such as France, Spain, South Africa, Canada and Mali. ICVoluntarios began its activities in 1997. is a foundation whose mission is to promote information and communication technologies as a tool to achieve solidarity and progress in society. Its mission and objectives are to assist non-profit organizations with new technology; foster communication among organizations; bring new technologies to the general public; promote new technology as a useful and positive tool, and create a network of experts in information technology. Its main programs are:  Ab-consulting, Ab-core, Ab-soo, and Ab-join.'s headquarters is located in Nyon, Switzerland and it  also has an office in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Both organizations share in common globalism, working with TICs, and creating developing potential,. They have signed a collaborative agreement to meet and work together with third party organizations. An alliance from which good things are sure to come!

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Translation by C Mack McKay
on 16/07/2008
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