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ANUE one of the beneficiaries, is offering a course on redefining the current approach to development assistance.

The idea emerged as a result of the recent assessment of development assistance undertaken by the United Nations in Spain, ANUE. The course is oriented around case examples from Africa and includes some practical workshops to facilitate its understanding. ANUE is one of our organization beneficiaries and Ramon Bartemeus, Resource manager of will be facilitating one of the course workshops.

The United Nations organization in Spain, ANUE, is concerned about the decreasing and less effective international assistance for development. That is why, under the name of “development tools: renewing the assistance to Africa”, the course aims to redefine the current approach to development assistance, making it more efficient, involving new actors and tools, and making it relevant to current developing country contexts.

The course, will be delivered by International Development experts and individuals from the United Nations as well as Academia. It will consist of three parts. The first part will provide a basic overview of issues related to international development assistance. The second part will address new challenges and tools for development cooperation drawing on examples from Africa as a case study. Finally, part three will consist of a workshop in which participants will be given the opportunity to apply the knowledge given by the course.

Included in the program for October 21st, Ramon Bartomeus, the Resources Manager, will hold a workshop called “New Technologies for development” from 18:00 to 21:00 hrs.

In addition, Jean Claude, from ASSAS Burundi, an beneficiary, will take part in the round table of October 14th at 19:45hrs called “renewing the development assistance to Africa”.

Translation by Marcela Pizarro
on 08/10/2008
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