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Headline news promotes the ICT among universitaries.

Two important agreements made in recent weeks between the Universities and show how they also penetrate into the study and use of ICT. has closed a collaboration agreement with the University College of Hospitality and Tourism CETT) attached to the University of Barcelona
Based on this agreement, becomes to be a colaboration partner of the Master in e-Tourism offered by this house of studies. This curriculum was born out of the necessity which now have the tourism organizations of incorporating the new technologies of information and communication in the development of new models of management and marketing to strengthen their competitiveness..

Thanks to the agreement, students in the Master of Tourism e-CETT will be able to make their project master in the organizations adscrited to In the next days it will be proposed the drafting of the plan of action of the Association COMSOC, social communication to manage and promote
the  WebRadio of Responsible Tourism accessible through  and

This COMSOC proyec has the technological support of . The idea was born after a journey of responsible tourism  in August 2005, started by  a group of people to know the Movement of the Landless in Brazil.

The following year they premiered at Radio L'Hospitalet  the first program of fair tourism in Spain, named 'Summer World Open '. From the program and from the desire to be outside all year, to spread the Fair Trade, eventually it was born, a fair tourism webradio through which it's possible travelling, apart from via radio, also by visual contact, thanks to the fotographic albums from the invited people. Also in this site, there are cents of similar initiatives so you can travel in a different way as in the proposals by non-profit organizations.

In the other hand, has signed an agreement with the  (University of Dreams) which allowed us to have students from famous American Universities in our organization. This is the case of John Houston, who nowadays supports us in the Comunication Department.

The agreement with the “University of Dreams” (universidad de los sueños), consists on facilitatingto the student of that american program, the practice realization in our units, so that we can guarantee the practice aplication of the adquired knowledge by the students. La University of Dreams was found in february 2000. Thar first summer, 73 assistans were integrated to Santa Clara's University, in the heart of Sillicon Valley, California. There, they were to meet other motivated students, to grow up as people, and to follow their dreams in their interested fiels with a practise. In thar first class there were future employees, included the actual president of University of Dreams. From that first trial, they have expanded the numbers of cities where they act and where the students has the chance of following their  dreams of work. After Sillicon Valley,  it has followed New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Sydney.

These relationships with the Universitary world  are added to the already existing experiences with the universities of Valladolid, the UOC, the UdG, Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), the University of Leon, Nicaragua and Zaragoza, and the University of Rosario, all of them we work from a long time with.

Translation by Sara Villa
on 07/11/2008
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