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Interview with the Winner of the E-card Contest

Monika Díaz, a Venezuelan resident of Spain, is the creator of “Niños Cantores” (Singing Children), an e-card that she created to support her friends at the NGO “Voluntarios por el Mundo” (Volunteers for the World).

She is half Venezuelan and half Spanish. She has lived in Barcelona for a year and two months, and participated in our contest from there.

How did you learn about our contest?

I learned about the contest thanks to my friends at the NGO "Voluntarios por el Mundo". At FusionWeb, we work with them to create designs.

Tell us about your career and your purpose for participating in our initiative

I have been a graphic designer for ten years, and for nine of those I worked at Avon Cosmetics of Venezuela. In 2007, I moved to Barcelona where I have been committed to designing the webpages and all of the printed material for FusionWeb. I participated in the contest in order to take advantage of the Christmas season and collaborate in spreading messages of solidarity, and to compete for the prize for my friends at “Voluntarios por el Mundo".

What did you want to express with your design?

With my design I tried to show that Christmas is a time of year when a whole series of feelings and emotions awaken that should be around all year. All children, no matter their country or language, should be able to smile and sing happily at Christmas, and also during the rest of the year.

 ¿qué opinión te merece la iniciativa de
What is your opinion of this initiative by I think’s initiative is a good way to give a voice to solidarity movements and help spread their message. I think it would also be good to have similar initiatives throughout the year.

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Translation by Kelly Wester
on 15/01/2009
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