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Headline news attends an important event about ICT and Development

On the next 10th, 11th and 12th February 2009 it will take place in Gijón, Asturias (Spain) the II International Meeting on ICT for Development Cooperation: Cooperation 2.0. is among the speakers. Due to the big interest of the associations and the huge coverage of the event, the deadline for registration has been extended until 3 rd February.

COOPERATION 2.O is an international space for meeting, reflecting and building awareness about the need to promote and integrate the use of ICT in development policies, programmes and projects.
In its first edition, which took place in 2008, Cooperation 2.0? tried to set a national and international reference for ICT and the Development Cooperation network .

The first meeting made it easier to exchange experiences among the several cooperation agents involved in the Development Cooperation in order to reach a greater knowledge about the ICT applications as part of the innovation in Cooperation, granting visibility to the actions which are already being carried out.
In this second edition, the debate will continue and will focus on the issue of “Innovation.”

Cooperation 2.0 invited all the professionals of the Development Cooperation or information society who research or innovate in the use of the Information Technologies for Development Cooperation to present their projects in the II International Meeting for Development Cooperation in the Information Society framework. As a novelty, video formats (through the platform You Tube), audio or presentations (through Slideshare) were admitted for those organisations which want to participate with communications or projects and cannot attend the event.

Four topics were established:

A. Development Cooperation after the World Summit on the Information Society.
B. Knowledge Management in Development Cooperation.
C. University and ICT4D.
D. Innovation and Local Creativity: Lessons about Social and Business Applications of ICT from the South.

Papers about the central topics of the Meeting were also accepted although they will not be presented in on-site sessions (but they will be included in the contents derived from the Meeting.)  Here you can check the programme of the event. And do not forget that the applications (registration) are opened until 3rd February. Click here for more information.

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Translation by Sara Vázquez
on 30/01/2009
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