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Headline news Opens its 2009 Literature Contest for “International Day of the Book”

This year the focus is on short stories up to 5 pages long. As always, the idea is to close the digital divide by showing that the Internet is a way of spreading culture, and that it is accessible to everyone.

If you have written a short story, tale, or poem, and you want to see your work published, now there are no barriers in your way. Have you thought about sharing your work virtually? wants to work together with you.

At, we believe that the Internet should not just be a place for reading email or pages of changing information. The Internet can be a window to culture and therefore a way to bring people closer. That is why each year, before the International Day of the Book, our organization holds a literature contest. If you write, or if you already have a short story, tale, or poem written that is politically correct and not offensive, we would like to publish it on the Internet and make it accessible to all Internet users.

We believe that for you as a writer it is a good starting point: last year downloads exceeded 10,000 clicks by people interested in reading authors who, perhaps for the first time, had a public interested in their work.

Translation by Kelly Wester
on 04/03/2009
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