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Headline news ended its particiaption in the TIC and Cooperation of Gijón event with News

The II International Encounter of the TIC for Development Cooperation, Cooperation 2.0, ended this afternoon in Gijon with the shared challenge of pushing a "Development 2.0" where all of the agents (Administration, business and third sector) will actively participate in a coordinated manner, starting with the people destined for help. This was one of the main conclusions that ended the event organized by the CTIC Foundation which united more than a hundred technology agents as well as ones from the Cooperation in Asturias during a span of three days.

The conclusions from this encounter were the result of a process of democratic elaboration, yesterday afternoon, during the celebration of an open and participating session where the different attendees shared their final thoughts.

One of the contributions insisted on the need for rigorous investigation, adapted to the needs and improving collaborative work among the different implied agents.

Likewise, the participants rejected the idea of "all for us but without us" and demanded an active role of those destined for help in the developmental processes through the TIC, meaning, their implication in the TIC and Development processes

Another idea highlighted was the demand for "respecting value and interest diversity" in this field. TIC programs for Cooperation are not enough alone. The attendees advised in a message sent-out to the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation (AECID) that what is needed is the real and effective integration of the TICs in the Cooperation. Nonetheless, the present implication of the different intermediate administrations and organisms in TIC and Development in Spain were highlighted as proof of their presence in this encounter, Cooperation 2.0.     

Ramón Bartomeus, Head of Resources
There was also someone who pointed out that the large businesses in the South are entering the Cooperation for more than their commercial interests in the North. Nonetheless, "they do not reflect enough on the orientation to needs". The importance is global, but "the actions should be local" in order to be effective and these small actions can even "be much more sustainable", they added. The idea of a "local leadership" was also expressly defended.

Developing a work methodology, "create discipline" in TIC and Development, is advisable and was another point agreed upon, as well as configuring, from this discipline, an "international repository of good practices" on this front. in Gijón

For our organization, the encounter served above all as a means to strengthen relations with organizations and networks that are working on the TIC, especially in Latin America.

Ramón Bartomeus, our Head of Resources presented the Digital Democratization of Guatemala project and came in contact with some organizations that work in the area and with those whom we will reinforce ties after the congress.

We could also see with much pride in Gijón our beneficiaries CREAT and ACCDV. The latter presented the Tifloacces project

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Translation by Heather Dawson
on 22/02/2009
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