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You Can Now Vote for the Best Work for the 2009 International Book Day Contest

As you very well know, in, we depend on the internet for cultural awareness and the possibilities that it offers new writers to distribute their work. Since February we have been receiving short stories as part of the International Book Day Contest: Starting today it will be you, via your downloads, who will decide the winner of the contest. Take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your world, on-line.

More than 40 stories arrived in our book depot in about one month: from poems and love stories, to mysteries, plays, essays and issue arguments. is an international organization and that is reflected by the origins of the entries. The entries not only come from Spain, but also from Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Costa Rica, Germany and the United States.

Now the fate of our contest rests in your hands. Today, book publication begins on the website of, and as such, voting will begin as well. Prizes will be awarded on April 23. The winner's name and the results will be published in a newsletter.

We invite you to read!!!

Translation by C Mack McKay
on 03/04/2009
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