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Celebrate World Book Day in a solidarity manner

Remember that supports the campaign and the Yasuni Green Gold book, which shows as the photographs of the rich Ecuador's flora and fauna threatened by oil fields.

Yasuní Green Gold's book shows the human richness as well as biodiversity of the Amazon region of Orellana in Ecuador. It has been published by the local municipality with the cooperation pf Movement Idun, beneficiary, in order to gather resources to alert to the negative consequences of the oil industry in the Ecuadorian jungle.

The tour across Europe, where we could get to know the real problems of Yasuní people were e.g. financed with these funds. We also expressed to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, our support for the project that he had proposed to the international community last year. He made an innovative proposal, requesting financial support to fund alternative productive activities, and thus to help Ecuador to become independent of oil companies. They set December 2008 as an ultimatum for the government to express its support.

The Yasuni is one of the most bio-diverse zones on the planet and home of the last indigenous groups that have no contact with the outside world. Yasuní is in danger because oil companies are desperate to exploit their territory. The most shocking is that the destruction of this UNESCO reservation will be made to meet only 5 days of global consumption of oil.

On the occasion of this year’s World Book Day help Yasuní purchasing their book.

Gift Books

If you are a member of a nonprofit organization and you are interested in receiving almost 1,000 books for free, contact us at We will contact you with the person who is willing to do an admirable initiative.

More books in the internet

A book has just come out of the oven and this time, it is a 100% online PDF book, available through a website for users in Brazil, where they debate and discuss matters of common interest. The book is a collective creation and is called "Understanding Internet - concepts, practices and challenges of network communication." It involves 38 authors, all Brazilians, leading specialists in different fields.

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Books that are heard: Bubok and the Association of Blind and Visually Impaired inform you about an interesting initiative

Our Beneficiary - ACCDV and Bubok, the portal for editing books online, thanks to which we publish the book of our Literary Contest winner, has joined in an exciting project that runs parallel to the competition of the World Book day. Make the most also of this initiative!

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Translation by Tomasz Czech
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