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On 17th May we celebrate Internet Day

In order to make an announcement, the organizing committee has called a press conference next Monday 11th May full or surprises

At the Internet Day’s celebration press conference, the Internet Awards’ finalists will be revealed and the prize-giving ceremony will take place on 13th May in an original way.

Moreover, the most outstanding activities (more than 400 will take place on the occasion) will also be announced, having some of them big social and media impact. Furthermore, a box full of @ symbols will be given to those attending the event.


Internet Day celebration came up on the Spanish Internet Users Association’s (AUI) initiative, which was joined afterwards by other organizations. Altogether, they make up the Impulse Committee and urge the society to promote activities and events on the occasion of this day. The aim is no other than to spread and promote Internet’s use among the society and to improve accessibility for disabled users.

Internet Day’s first celebration took place on 25th October 2005 and afterwards, in November, the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society, held in Tunisia, approved, at Spain’s request, to proclaim 17th May as the date to celebrate the World Information Society Day, taking therefore Internet Day’s aims.

From that moment on, the UN urges all countries to celebrate this day sharing date and aims. The Spanish Internet Users Association is working hard in order to help other countries to celebrate their Internet Day. The AUI is making the most of all the experience achieved and offering them the resources, information and methodology developed in previous celebrations.
Here you will find some worldwide events to commemorate this day, along with this year's message. It stresses children's safety in cyberspace, which matches our last bocatic!

  Enjoy your Internet Day!

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Translation by Susana Alvarez
on 13/05/2009
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