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Headline news and the ACPG favour the Dissemination of Third Sector Contents in Communications Media, the foundation specialised in Internet communication for non-profit/non-governmental organizations and the Associació Catalana de la Premsa Gratuïta (ACPG) signed an agreement to join efforts to have news from Third Sector organisations appear in communications media.

The agreement, which was signed today by representatives of both institutions, has the objective of establishing a framework of cooperation to coordinate efforts for allowing the distribution of Third Sector contents to communications media. and the ACPG will work to set in motion a computer system whereby the free and digital media of ACPG members will have access to various Third sector contents. On the one hand, will coordinate the selection of journalistic news generated by the non-profit organisations of its network and the Third Sector at large. On the other, the ACPG will echo news from the Third Sector in its contents banks.

Iwith and ACPG are studying the best mechanisms for this exchange of contents. An important piece of information regarding this agreement is that its goal is the improvement of society; therefore, no exclusivity is determined regarding the use of information or the communications media that may make use of it.

Beginning today, a Follow-up Commission consisting of a member of each organisation is created for the purpose of watching over the correct application of the agreement. Additionally, both organisations will exchange information on subjects of communication and the Third Sector and other material of interest. It is expected that this will foster debate and the exchange of experiences on subjects that benefit the two sectors.

Left to right: Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Director for; Laia Duran, Delegate-Legal Representative for; Alfons Udina, President of ACPG; and, Josep Ritort, Secretary General of ACPG.

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Responsible for Communication

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Translation by Bea Laszlo
on 28/07/2009
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