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Only 3 days left for’s participation at the GAID Forum in Mexico

Ramón Bartomeus, Resources Manager at, takes part as chairman and speaker within the ICV Panel, one of our partners. The event seeks to stimulate youth participation in ICT initiatives for development at a south-south level.

In a few days, will introduce its experiences at the Global Alliance for ICT4D meeting, within our partner’s workshop ICVolunteers, called “Involving young people in Innovation for Education initiatives”. ICV is a non lucrative international organization focused in the communications field, especially languages, conferences support and cibervolunteering.

The aim of the workshop, with online speakers and chaired by is to facilitate the exchange around ICT initiatives conducted by young people around the world. This will be the topic for discussion and exchange; how to identify the elements needed to improve practices and projects related with ICT for development. We hope that people gets involved in south-south initiatives so as in international proposals aimed to relieve the most critical social and humanitarian needs, particularly in the developing world.

Also, there will be reports from the field thanks to video conferences which will make evident young people report tools related to ICT for development. Experiences will be presented in the workshop as follows:

Youth, cattle farming, agriculture, ICT in the Sahel region
-Soumaila Traoré, from ICvolunteers Mali
-Viola Krebs, ICVolunteers, Switzerland.
They will debate around a cibervolunteers project that’s being implemented around awareness, and cattle and farming education in the Sahel region. The project involves a great number of international partners, mainly in Senegal and Mali.
Youth, ICT and Environmental Education in Brazil
Speaker: Renata Moraes, Converdgencia / ICVoluntarios-Brazil,
In today’s interconnected world, environment and climate change became topics of importance at international level. Brazil is usually considered a global lung, as its territory contains the vast majority of the Amazonian forest. Environmental education is fundamental for young people in this background and ICT can make this work easier. Presentation will bring some examples from ICV Brazil.

Youth and Wiki-education
Speaker: Oumar Diamoutene, Youth and ICT, Mali
In July 2004, “Youth and ICT Mali” was founded in Bamako. Since then it became a catalyst for West African initiatives.

Improving the world using ICT to help organizations
Speaker: Ramon Bartomeus, Head of Resources, introduces two experiences; “Share to Educate”, an e-learning project realized in Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Ecuador, and Creativity, a European youth meeting recently carried out in Catalonia.


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Translation by Bea Laszlo
on 14/09/2009
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