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Headline news present in the UN GAID Global Alliance for ICT and Development

 This first week of September we were in Monterrey, Mexico for the UNGAID Global Forum 2009 where, under the title of ICT and Innovation for Education, we gave continuity to the presentation first offered a year ago in the GAID meeting in New York.

Mr. Sha Zukang, Vice Secretary General of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), was responsible for opening the Strategy Council of UN-GAID.

Some of the key ingredients to this meeting were centered on strengthening the agreement with the Global Alliance for ICT and Development GAID community, to analyze the leadership of the movement and understand how the distinct networks and activities play a role in the development of new educational technology.

GAID, or Global Alliance for Information Technology, Communication and Development, within the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, is an initiative launched by the Secretary General of the United Nations in 2006, and was put into action globally after consulting with governments, the private sector, civil society, technical and internet advisors as well as the academic world.

The 2005 United Nations Summit meetings emphasized the importance of Information and Communication Technologies (TIC) in achieving the internationally determined development objectives, including the Objectives for the Development in the Millenium (MDGs), and highlighted the need that exists for a true World Forum to analyze the questions linking TICs to development. Recognizing that it is not possible for only one acting agent to be responsible for reaching all of the Objectives for Development in the Millenium (MDGs), the creation of an open and inclusive platform that allows for the amplification of dialog concerning the innovative forms of utilizing TICs to promote development, is crucial. The Global Alliance is a direct response for this need.

After the historic sessions of the World Summit on the Information Society , or WSIS, in Geneva 2003 and Tunisia 2005, GAID was able to reunite this year in Monterrey more than 200 leaders and experts, many of whom were government representatives responsible for policy-making surrounding TIC and education within their respective countries, along with members of the ONU and leaders of Civil Society Organizations that work daily in the implementation of the TICs for international development.

In this last year, GAID has made a great effort to improve the communication between its members, continuing with the call made in the UN GAID Meet Web 2.0 in 2008, to make the tools available to follow the participant behavior through Twitter, Ning, Xeebee, Youstream or Elluminate. The use of these tools has not experienced the success and popularity expected from a first-level TIC event.

Aside from the meetings of the various GAID branches, it can be said that the Strategy Council and the Steering Committee, the Global Forum on ICT and Innovation for Education of Monterrey 2009 included the interesting Solutions Salons dedicated to:

-Education: presented by Jyrki Pulkkinen, GeSCI;
-The Economic Crisis, Finance and Erradication of Poverty: presented by Michael Landau, MAP International;
-Gender: presented by Gloria Bonder, International Task Force on Women and ICT . 
All presentations from this event can be downloaded from the GAID documents section. in Gaid

From within, we participate in the moderation of the sessions involving young people in the Innovative Educational ICT Initiative, organized by our partner ICVolunteers, as well as the videoconference between Monterrey, Geneva, Bamako and Rio de Janeiro in the announced program.

With this experience, we not only share knowledge with the assistants in Monterry, but also with a group of participants who meet in Bamako (Mali) for the occasion and the powerful Renata Moraes, Viola Krebs, Oumar Diamouténé and Bayni Soumaila Traoré.

Aside from moderating this session, we also present the experiences of in the projects, Share to Educate and Creativity, which presents to the assistants the opportunities that international volunteering offers to young adults throughout the entire world, through programs such as University of Dreams in the USA or the European Volunteer Service in the EU, in which volunteers also participate.


Translation by Bea Laszlo
on 09/09/2009
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