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Now you can see the photographs from's summer photo contest 2009

Right on schedule, on the 20th of September, the time was up to submit photos to's 2009 contest. From different parts of the world and with very different viewpoints, dozens of people sent us their own personal portraits of the digital divide, and these are the pictures selected by the jury. Our thanks go to all who supported the initiative in this way.

The reality of the new technologies in Senegal, Mali, Colombia, Ruanda, Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil, Spain, Egypt, and Burkina Faso has been captured by internet users who answered the call of to take photographs on the theme of the digital divide during their summer vacation.

Photographs of fields of parabolic antennas, ingenious ways of transmitting radio, or unusual uses for a CD are some of the situations which have been portrayed in these shots.

We must remind you that these works are under license from the Creative Commons which protects works published on the internet.

We invite you to take a look through the Gallery of Selected Photographs and, if anything catches your attention, leave your comment. Our thanks to all of you who understood the aim of this sensitization campaign and responded by sending in your work.

See photos 2009

Translation by Lyndon Pugh
on 25/09/2009
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