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Find out about Blog Action Day: this 15-10 we will talk about Climate Change

On the 15th of October, for one day, all the bloggers of the world will write about climate change.

The Blogger Action Day is an annual event in which all the bloggers of the world write about one topic on the same day. The goal is to achieve global awareness and discussion.

Discussion is the main aim and it is hoped that if everyone focuses on a single topic on the same day, global attention will be shed on the subject. For example, the topic of 2007 was environmental sustainability. 2008 focused on poverty. This year climate change is the topic at hand.

How you can help

From the smallest online newspapers or magazines to the largest publishing and print companies, Blog Action Day implies massive participation. Everyone is free to unite and join Blog Action Day without post or publication limits and without limitations in the type or opinions posted.

The Blog Action Day was established by Collis & Cyan Ta’eed in the summer of 2007. With the support of his team in Envato, Australia, as well as numerous other volunteers, close to 20,000 bloggers wrote about the environment.
In this way, the first Blog Action Day was unexpectedly transformed into a success. In 2009, Collis & Cyan turned the coordination over to the portal of

Other ways to participate

Using as a base, they are looking for a means to encourage participation of many more bloggers. Currently, they are compiling a list of the more interesting and powerful ideas to increase participation in a movement against climate change, which is soon be available online. In the meantime, they are leaving us a list of activities that will serve as an example of the list they are making If you have any suggestions, you can contact us by email.

1.Sign up at to take part in the initiatives offline on the international day of climate change.

2.Participate in the fight for climate justice and help construct the greatest human watch of all time, used to represent the urgency of the crisis: www.timefor

3.Add yourself to the map of voto x la tierra and add photographs, drawings and links to illustrate the future world you would like to see

4.Inform yourself by visiting the online exhibition “100 sitios para recordar antes de que ellos desaparezcan

Do you have any websites to recommend? Write us!

Translation by Jennifer Lynn Kresina
on 02/10/2009
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