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Now, You Can Send Your Solidarity Xmas Cards using

The cards have the solidarity message from, a non lucrative organization that works with New Technologies for the development of the most disadvantaged.Many organizations and also NGOs have sent in beautiful designs that will help to make known their selfless and altruistic work.

A lot of Christmas cards designs have come to our Web as part of year end competition. Many of them are personal designs, but the majority are from NGOs and non-profit organisations to showing in their messages motivating the commitment and altruism that drives these organizations.

Also, whenever you send one of these cards, it will carry with it the message of, an NGO expert in new technologies which believe can help in people's development of the countries. If you have not sent your models yet, you are on time. If you have not yet sent out your greetings, use of this option. This Christmas send your greetings with sense and solidarity!

To send them is as simple as a click on: and follow the instructions. Send postcards!

Margot Berg
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