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Interview with Chiara Giacomini, "most sent postcard" award winner

Chiara Giacomini, a 34-year-old-italian graphic designer that has been living in Barcelona for the last 10 years, won our postcard contest that ran last December, and was awarded  the "most sent postcard" prize.
We met her in order to get to know a little bit more about this graphic designer, who created her own agency, a year ago: Chiara Giacomini | brand design.

- Chiara, how did you find out about our contest?
"A friend of mine told us about the contest and encouraged our participation. So to speak, it was my first time participating in such a contest, and I was very suprised to win!"

- What was the purpose of your participation?
"First of all, it helped me to better understand Iwith's initiatives. Moreover, it was the first step in getting involved in a social initiative using my skills as an artist.
I sent out two postcards: a corporate one, which I also sent to my clients, and a general one, that in the end won the prize.
Furthermore, being a part of such a contest, gave me the opportunity to do some advertising for my own job. It is a creative way to develop my network."

- What does your postcard convey?
"Without thinking: something simple. For Christmas and New Year's eve, I wanted to convey a traditional greeting. Generally, people are looking for a postcard they like and that conveys in a pretty way what they would like to express: a simple "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year". I also wanted to draw something universal without Santa Klaus. On my greeting card, there is only a message of peace and love wished with Christmas magic. I like it this way and apparently so did the Internet users, it seems."

- What do you think of Iwith's initiative?
"It's a fantastic idea. Sending your greetings through a NGO and working on your creativity changes a lot. For me, it's useful and pleasant. Moreover, it's a good way to know more about others NGO and their actions. I have the feeling that each NGO is helping in changing the world and is doing a great job. Each initiative reinforces a NGO's visibility either on the web or in the real world. Moreover, when this visibility is of the highest quality, it is so much more rewarding."

- Do you work with others NGOs?
"For a year, I have been collaborating with Coco Diversity, my friend's NGO, Nuria Gracia. Her aim is to solve social issues, most recently the issue of  teenagers mothers in Cuzco, Peru. After pointing out the issue, she is now looking for collaborators and financial partnerships in order to stop it from its root.
I am helping her in my own way, using my graphics skills. At the beginning, I had a contract to create her logo. Nowadays, I'm still following the project and developing her communication strategy. Our goal is: find and develop the best communication methods with the smallest budget. The project is such a thrilling experience! To give birth to a project that started out from a dream is so rewarding. For me helping out my friend is worth all the energy and support I can give her."

- Would you like to take part to our other contests?
"Of course, I'd love to! I like Iwith's actions, they are different and original."

So let's meet next December!

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Margot Berg
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