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Internet for the Balkans' organizations

Last Thursday, the WWF Mediterranean Program, convened several organizations like the Red Cross, Greenpeace, XCT and to strengthen the networking of its operations in the Balkans.

From, we presented a workshop session about Internet, information technologies and communication for members of WWF in the Balkans, to be more precise, Serbia and Montenegro. To the surprise of the audience, we managed to do the presentation in the Serbian language!

We talked about Internet and its importance for NGOs, social networks and different possibilities offered to organizations as well as's possible role in creating solutions and Internet communication strategies.

The presentation of the course: Internet and social networking for NGOs can be found here and is a clear indication of the possibilities offered by the network.

To it is time to open the doors to organizations in the Balkans, an area where the explosion of solidarity is booming and strengthen its position in the international arena.


Translation by Belén Garcia Rodriguez
on 04/05/2010
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