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Results of the St George's competition

On April the 23rd,  we celebrated the International Book Day. On this occasion, organized an annual literary contest. This year the rule was to copy Twitter and write 140-character-sentences.

We are proud to present the winners of the micro stories competition 2010. The first prize winner receives  A collection of short stories 2009 in print and the following prizes are in PDF.

The first prize went to Nuria. She mixes times and eras and makes of Twitter the new gossiping place.
"Draps bruts Li explicaren que la seva besàvia feia safareig fent bugada. Ella tafaneja sense roba estesa: té rentadora, assecadora i Twitter"

The second prize went to Rubén Berenguel for his micro story in English. He wrote a micro short story, at a breathless pace and short voltage involved.
"Scared,went into the room.Closed the door.Noone,open window,shots in the hallway.Screams,then silence.Kicks at the door,a long jump out.Fall"

Then, in English, we also voted for a story written à la manière de Twitter. Tomek explains that 140 characters are enough to say all you want… Let's see!
"@socialmediasceptical Yes, I'm sure that 140 characters (or even less!) is more than enough to express everything I want and I need to expre"

Then, another Catalan winner Missatgerebut took over the traditions of St. George's - roses and books - to carry us into the real world of our imagination.
"En arribar Sant Jordi, es remouen les planes de mil contes d'amor, acció i aventures. Aneu amb compte, llegint la vida, us podríeu enamorar!"

And finally, the last prize went to Nacho, in Spanish, in a more intimate tone.
"Recuerdo que antes te gustaban mis artes. Besarte, desnudarte, amarte... Sin embargo ya se que hace tiempo que prefieres irte."

Thanks you all for your participation and let's meet this summer for our photographs competition!

Margot Berg
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