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Headline news helps in the Course of Project Design for Conflict Solution and Community Mediation

We enjoy teaching what we know, this is why this June and July we will be part of the teaching team in the online Course of Project Design for Conflict Solution and Community Mediation, which is part of a post-graduate course by the same name, which has been offered by the Univeristy of Girona 5 times before.

This course, focused in conflict management and solution has as a goal allowing the project parts and criteria to get closer, while developing them from the preventive, reactive and strategic viewpoints.

Thus, from as Internet experts, we will have the opportunity to bring closer the alumni to the relevance of knowing and managing the new technologies in this field of conflict resolution. We know, and believe, that Internet has changed the world and this has influenced the way groups relate, and this also affects how we manage conflics, how we solve them and how we can prevent them.

Our Resources Manager and teacher in this course, Ramon Bartomeus, tells us that 200 years ago an example of community could be a town, where a set of men and women know each other and know what their neighbours do. Now, this town is Internet, where we can know what others do, even without asking. Bartomeus asserts that this knowledge we have now about other groups, and they have about us, completely changes the way we relate with each other, how conflicts are created and how we can solve them. looks after preparing the course alumni with tolls enabling them to have a beneficial communicative process, allowing them to have advantages from their relation to Internet in conflict resolution. The relevance of the good use of these new technologies in conflict resolution and community mediation lies in the day to day living, like sending an email. We have to remember every time that when we write an email the reader does not see our expression or tone, and this makes the message to be understood in very different ways. If we do this correctly, we can avoid the generation of conflicts, and if they are created, we will have tools to appease the problems.

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Translation by Rubén Berenguel
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