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Come and have a ‘good coffee’ with and get free assessment for your NGO

We in want to join our partner’s initiative, the FAIRTRADE-Fair Trade Stamp Association, and share "Café del bueno" with you all.

Mes FAIRTRADE 2010Next October, the FAIRTRADE-Fair Trade Stamp Association celebrates the third edition of the FAIRTRADE Month with the objective of promoting Fair Trade making known the Sail and their products.

In we want to join this initiative and make you become a part of it.

That’s why during this month of October we will offer "Café del bueno" to all the organizations that come and meet us in Barcelona.

Furthermore, if you come to discover the FAIRTRADE Stamp with, we will organize a free assessment in web communication for your organization while we have a "good coffee".

You don’t like coffee? No problem!
We will also have:
  • Ground coffee natural 100% Fair Trade. Alternative 3.
  • Tea Earl Grey Bio from Intermon Oxfam Fair Trade coming from the SOFA producers association in Sri Lanka.
  • Ceylan black tea (Fannings quality) with ecological bergamot aroma. 
  • Cane sugar from Paraguay. Fair trade ecological archaeology.
  • Instant Cocoa. From Paraguay (sugar) and Dominican Republic (cocoa). Ecological agriculture. 
  • Ethic flavors jam. Preserved from Peru. Mango passion fruit and pinneapple. 
  • Rice cakes-choco bio. Ecological agriculture. Produced from rice, sugar and cocoa grown under fair trade criteria.
  • Choco bar ethic flavor. Chocolate with pieces of coffee and cinnamon. Cocoa from the Dominican Republic.

Remember that if you can’t come to Barcelona you can find similar initiatives in the FAIRTRADE Month website.
You can also arrange your own!

Request now your assessment with good coffee for the month of October!

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