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Did the Three Kings bring you a new phone? Don't throw it away: Movilízate por la selva!

Through “Movilízate por la selva” (mobile recycling campaign), we support the sustainability, peace and conservation of Africa education programmes of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Chimpancés huérfanos rescatados en Tchimpounga, Congo
Orphaned Tchimpounga chimpanzees rescued, Congo
During the month of January, is giving over space of its Barcelona office in collaboration with the campaign “Movilízate por la Selva” giving space to collect mobiles and offering information to visitors on this initiative.
has been, since 2009, responsible for the website of “Movilizate por la selva”, the mobile recycling campaign created by the Jane Goodall Institute to protect African ecosystems and provide tools for education and development in the two Congos.

The campaign is based on the exploitation of coltan, a valuable mineral which makes the technology in our mobiles, computers and consoles possible, which is the centre of the military conflicts that result in millions of victims and refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Illegal mining exploits child labor or semislavery, also destroying the habitats of many species such as chimpanzees and gorillas, in grave danger due to poaching and deforestation.

On the other hand, in Spain there are more than 54 million active mobile, plus unused mobile phones, of which is less than 5% are recycled. The campaign allows you to recycle your phones (working or not) for free, through a pre-paid downloadable label [PDF, 156 Kb], which enables you to:
  • reuse terminals and reduce the unsustainable demand for its components.
  • recycle useful items and properly dispose of toxic materials, preventing pollution of the environment.
  • raise funds for programs to support the development of Congolese citizens, and education and conservation programs in both Congos.

Niño extrayendo coltán
Child extracting coltan
Niño de un centro beneficiario de la campaña
Child at a campaign beneficiary centre
While you collaborate, you have the chance to win annual Chimpfriend sponsorships, by lottery or directly according to the amount of sent mobiles. Many schools, associations and companies have already joined the campaign, which in late 2010 has recycled more than 6,500 mobiles.

In 2010 more than 5,000 Euros was sent to the Republic of Congo, to fund salaries of environmental educators and carers of chimpanzees in Tchimpounga Rescue Center, as well as to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where in 2011 an environmental education program will be funded in North Kivu, while also promoting the conservation of endangered species such as gorillas, chimpanzees and others. Other funds have been earmarked for reforestation, recycling and educational opportunities for children with different disabilities, including those crippled and maimed in the war that has affected the DRC for more than a decade.

With everyone’s help, we will continue to send funds to these projects during 2011.

In the first half of 2011 we aim to reach 10,000 phones collected... are you motivated to help? There is a lot of work to do, but with you, we can do it!

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Translation by Natalie Livingstone
on 18/01/2011
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