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Mona Foundation: let's avoid the extinction and poor treatment of primates

Taking care of primates: this is the mission of the Mona Foundation. Chimpanzees used in various shows in Spain and the rest of the world are suffering from abandon and different illnesses as a result of poor treatment by human beings. Do you want know a bit more and maybe adopt a monkey or visit them in their natural habitat? will show you how to go about this. At its headquarters in Barcelona throughout the month of March, you can learn a bit more about this organisation and the various ways of helping it.

The Mona Foundation is a non-profit organisation that deals with the protection of primates: chimpanzees used in circuses, zoos, advertising, television shows and other forms of entertainment. Most of them have been exploited and trafficked illegally.

Primates are an extremely intelligent species often compared with human beings, yet they suffer from constant poor treatment on our part. In most cases, the monkeys used for the shows live isolated in deplorably unhygienic conditions without contact with other animals of their species and without the slightest attention given to maintain their habitat.

At the moment, all the large monkeys (orang-utans, gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos), the species closest to human beings, are endangered or critically endangered.

The Mona Foundation possesses a recuperation centre for primates: it is located near Girona and is surrounded by nature. It serves as a home to rescued primates as well as a centre for understanding and respecting wild animals.

Also, throughout the month of March 2011, as part of the ‘Educate to Protect’ programme (known by the acronym ‘ECO’ in Spanish), the institution is organising various workshops teaching how to conserve these species and respect their habitats.

Do you like the idea? Would you like to support this project? It’s possible! Plus, there are different ways of doing it.

You could give a donation by way of the PayPal payment system, become an active or voluntary member of the organisation but also visit these friendly animals and show them your support, as the Mona Foundation allows some guided tours for small groups; this way the poorly treated monkeys receive human affection without being mistreated again.

Take part! will show you everything you can do to support the Mona Foundation.

Translation by Nico Herowych
on 10/03/2011
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