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Headline news's International Staff would like to present our new international volunteers. They are young people from the United States, Greece, Poland, Mexico, Italy and Hungary, who collaborate with our foundation through various international programs, such as the European Voluntary Service (EVS), the Erasmus Placement and Leonardo of the European Union programs, university internship, or the University of Dreams program.

David Dunder is from Minneapolis, USA, and his work as an intern is part of his studies in Barcelona. His work consists of communicating with the NGOs that solicit’s help; keeping in mind the projects that each NGO wishes to achieve, David negotiates the assessment grants for non-profit projects to help them improve their Internet communication.

Claudio Molino is from Abruzzo, Italy, and he is doing a yearlong project with through the EVS. Claudio is the coordinator of the volunteer translators, and also writes the announcements, uploads content, updates the web page portals, conducts interviews and uploads videos.

Marco Comas is from Catalonia, and as a volunteer at he combines his work with his dream,, a small but committed NGO. At he is in charge of several aspects of communicational support for’s partner organizations. One of his responsibilities is to encourage the organizations to concentrate on the essence of their work, while letting handle some of their communications work.

Paraskevi Fotoglou is a volunteer from Greece through the EVS. She handles the content publication for several NGOs such as the Alda Foundation, a foundation with an interesting educational project in Paraguay that works towards social transformation of local populations.

Ola is from Poland and volunteers at thanks to a Leonardo Da Vinci grant. Her main project is to write “bocatics,” short publications about applying Internet tools to NGO work. She also had the opportunity to represent in the congress of the IESE Career Forum. Her other responsibilities include publishing videos and announcements when participates in interesting events.

Nina Suriñach is a communications student and is doing an experiential part of her studies at Her work consists of writing bulletins, reports and communication documents for various projects partnered with

Cristina Ávila-Zesatti works online from Zacatecas, Mexico, as a volunteer in the communications department. She specializes in international journalism geared toward peace and she is the heart of the digital media communications group Corresponsal de Paz.

Roger Filmyer is from Philadelphia, USA. He, David, and Liviana (who works from Romania) form part of the international team dedicated to increase’s presence in the international sphere.

Bea Laslo, who was a volunteer through EVS in 2009, has returned this year to work on a Veterinarians Without Boarders project.

Claudia Cuomo, who is already familiar with Barcelona because she did an EVS project here, has incorporated into the scope of the Erasmus Placement program through an agreement with University of Napels, her home University. She is responsible for organizing the events for’s ten-year anniversary.

Translation by David Dunder
on 29/03/2011
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