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We are speaking about the Internet at Cosmocaixa

On the occasion of the Fourth International Meeting on Recycling, was invited to Cosmocaixa to speak about what is happening on the Internet and how the Internet affects the world of recycling.

The programme was carefully carried out by the "Gremi de Recuperació", and includes Ramon Bartomeus’ report on new ways in which social networks can be used. iWith is involved in many environmental protection projects and the report will highlight some important experiences such as those of ACESER and RETORNA.

The Àgora room of Cosmocaixa, with a the seating capacity of 200 people, is crowded and the afternoon is dedicated to three important issues:
Ramon Bartomeus Juan Manuel Avia y Ramón Marful-Franco en Cosmocaixa
- The responsibility of companies and entrepreneurs. New legislation and risks to the owner-entrepreneur. Mr. Juan Manuel Abia. Abia-Graells March lawyers.

- New technologies for the recycling (facebook, twitter, tuenti, linkedin, xing...). Mr. Ramon Bartomeus.

- Price developments on the LME. The evolution of metal prices in recent months and expectations for the future. Mr. Ramon Martul-Franco. MF HAMBURG METALS.

The text, that has inspired Ramon Bartomeus's paper, can be read with other interesting resources on the following website:

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Translation by Claudio Molino
on 03/06/2011
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