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World Community Grid creates a public computing network that aids projects that benefits humanity. The success of the project is dependent on individuals donating their unused computer time to the cause.

World Community Grid is providing technology to groups to use for humanitarian research that may otherwise not be completed because of the high costs of computer infrastructure. Afterwards, the collective donations are published online. When your computer is not being used, it communicates with researchers for different projects and computing different information for them. We at are registering our computers with this program. If you wish to join the effort towards humanitarian research by donating your unused computer time, follow the instructions listed below.

1. Register in

2. Once you are in the website, click on “register today”.

3. Fill out your information and click “continue”.

4. Now you may choose which projects you wish to donate your unused time to. After choosing, click “continue”.

5. Click “download now”.

6. After the download, open the folder.

7. Click BOINC installer.

8. Click continue throughout the BOINC installer.

9. After the download is complete, add the project “World Community Grid”.

10. Return to the website and click “my grid”.

11. On the left hand side, click “my team”.

12. In contains, write “”.

13. Click on the link.

14. Click “join this team”.

Julie Nyce
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