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We're Talking about World Community Grid on Tecnonews has joined World Community Grid. In this article Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager of, explains more about what World Community Grid does and how you can help.

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    World Community Grid is the world's largest public computing network with more than half a million users committed to tackling projects that benefit humanity. 

    Using a free program installed on personal computers and without compromising the performance or function of the machines, we are able to donate the unused computer time to altruistic research projects such as molecular research in the treatment of certain diseases. 

The active projects for 2012 are:
GO Fight Against Malaria
Drug Search for Leishmaniasis
Computing for Clean Water
The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2
Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy - Phase 2
Help Fight Childhood Cancer
Help Conquer Cancer
Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2

     Here at we have registered our computers with World Community Grid so that we can offer the machine's free time to the projects. We have also invited our volunteers to join the cause and register their computers as well. As a team, we have already donated the equivalent of 135 days of computation to this project. 

     In Catalunya there are different teams like the Foundation that also donate the free time on their computers to the project. With the global effort this project has managed to achieve more than 500 thousand years worth of compuation to different projects  and an average of more than 200 years per project.

    The system is as simple as going to the World Community Grid website, clicking "Join Now", and follwing the directions on the screen. When this process finishes, the computer (through internet connection and without the user having to do anymore more) will now be part of a free, secure, and united sharing of computers for analysis of possible medicines to treat different diseases.

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Julie Nyce
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