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We're Talking About Teaming in Noticias Positivas is a partner of the Teaming foundation along with Grupo Intercom, Everis, and Banca Cívica. In this article Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager of explains the current situation with the Teaming project.

An article by Adriana Pérez Pesce published March 20th, 2012 en Noticias Positivas.

Read the full article here.

Esta noticia en español aquí.

    Teaming Online is a charitable initiative whose goal is to assist those in need through micro-grants of one euro per month. This way, the donor can refelct on what social cause is most consistent with their values. Additionally, donors are able to contribute easily without management expenses. 

    There is no need to be linked to a company, foundation, or NGO in order to work with teaming. The procedure is simple: you can create your own group or join one that already exists to support social projects by providing one euro per month from your checking account. For example, a young man from a poor family has a serious motorcycle accident and although doctors manage to save his life, the injuries leave him paralyzed. The boy's family can't afford the cost of buying a wheelchair, so a group of friends decides to turn to Teaming Online in order to buy him one.

    Anyone can create a Teaming Group with friends, neighbors, or relatives. If an employee wants to start a group at work, he or she becomes the leader of the initiative and later all of the partners can choose the project with which they wish to collaborate. To directly help an NGO or foundation, you can create a group to support your initiatives and invite supporters, volunteers, and friends to join through social networks. 

    All users contribute the same amount of money to the group each month because one of the principles of the project is that "we are all equal" and that "together we can change the world with small contributions." In that sense, Teaming--released online in early 2012-- invites an answer the question: What could you do with a euro? You could drink a coffee, a beer, or buy a newspaper. What if we donated it?

    Ramón Bartomeus, Resources Manager of and partner of the project, said that currently there are 172 groups doing Teaming Online. "If we look at the 20 most active, we find two groups: those dedeicated to health, such as the Pallapupas Payasos de Hospital and those dedicated to international cooperation, such as Alas Para Todos. It also highlights the group Teaming for Teaming and educational projects for specific groups of women and children. Some companies are taking their traditional Teaming to the network and creating groups that benefit a specific person, like Teaming for Paula, a 12 year old girl who has been diagnosed with cancer and has mobilized family and friends," according to Noticias Positivas.

    It adds: "people who have decided to drink one less coffee per month and commit to the causes we support are the best advertising the project can have. This is an excellent formula to convert groups of people into real teams. We saw it in companies with traditional teaming, and we're already seeing it in groups of friends, sports clubs, schools, and universities. Teaming gives people the opportunity to show their charitable side as well as giving groups the opportunity to have a cause that unites them."

    The project started in 1998 in business organizations, where the employees donated one euro from their payroll to charitable projects. Currently, there are 1,000 companies from 40 different countries make up teaming and amoung these collect 200,000 euros each month that are directed towards social causes.

    Fourteen years ago, Jil Van Eyle, the main promoter of Teaming, was going through a difficult family situation that made her think that groups of micro-grants could help various social causes. The idea got a boost both nationally and internationally in its early stages and now has the support of Queen Beatriz of the Netherlands, former FC Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard, and singer Shakira.

Julie Nyce
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