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We're diving into the new year with new ideas, projects and one very special new partnership. It's a new online store that operates together with Ethic Trade.

We at always believed that it is important to help those who want to build a better world. And ethical trade is a concept that captures this idea so well.

The key principle behind the whole story is to help marginalized producers get out of poverty by promoting and selling their products. These producers get their fair financial compensation while providing a useful product to the public.

The idea here is simple. You choose a product you really like in our online shop. Add an item to your cart and make the purchase. The money you spent goes one part to the person who made the item and one part to the charity/NGO to support their cause (in this case it's Not only you will be helping the small producers by purchasing their products, but you will also be supporting the work we do at every day to help NGOs use more efficiently new technologies and Internet.

There are over 700 products in the online shop and most definitely you will find something for yourself or maybe a nice present for that special someone.

At the moment, the shop is only available within the UK. But soon it will be available in entire Europe. We will inform you once it happens.

And if your organization also wants to open a shop like this one, just get in touch with us at

Link to the shop:

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Igor Celikovic
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