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Headline news is celebrating a successful 2012 with its partners, Teaming and Smilemundo! has had the pleasure to collaborate with two partners that achieved great goals during the past year.

Teaming is only one year online and already has successful crowd funding, now comprising of more than 11,000 members and significant amount of donations. Smilemundo has witnessed a big growth as well, since the website launched in September 2012. It currently has 18 projects participating, among which, Gleaning Network had managed to collect money to save 2 tons of food which otherwise would have been wasted in the UK. is very proud and happy to have collaborated with these two projects and to see that these two newly founded organizations have managed to achieve so much in the previous year.
We will still support both of them highly and continue to encourage everyone to participate in the crowd funding movement as donors, promoters, or any other way you want to be involved. Any way which you can help them reach even higher goals will be much appreciated. All these achievements wouldn’t have taken place without the contribution of all of us that find these projects great.

If you want to be a part of this amazing initiative and want to contribute to Teaming and Smilemundo´s goals, please visit:

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