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In order to implement a crowdfunding programme, a social base is needed, and making good use of the internet is essential for achieving this.

It is necessary to identify the communication objectives, create a plan of action and implement them online and on social networking websites. This is why Worldcoo is working in synergy with The Foundation

Our new partner is a non-profit organisation, whose mission is to help ONGs in making use of the internet. Additionally, its network of experts will be able to create and manage all internet services offered by professional web pages.
You can discover more about all of the programmes and initiatives devised by by visiting their website.

iWith provides free advice as a preliminary step towards the development of a good online presence. The projects submitted by Worldcoo tie in nicely with the conditions for the awarding of grants.

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Anna Di Matera
Translation by Kirsty Campbell
on 15/02/2013
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