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New Collaboration with UnitedNPO the non-profit promoter of infomartion and communication technologies has become a member of United NPO.

The United NPO is a collaborative network of Non-Profit Project and Organizations worldwide. The main aim of this community is to promote and to facilitate non-profit activites around the Globe. The team behind the idea of United NPO believes in the strength of partnership. They want to build bridges between non-profit and for-profit world on a global scale to introduce them to each other. This action should give rise to better communication and collaboration between NGOs.

The main goal of is to Improve the World by using Information Technology to Help Organisations. The idea of building a platform to move together in the future is important for the realisation of the’s mission. At we believe that together we can do more. As Ryunosuke Satoro, the japanese poet once said: „Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean”, and we hope this new collaboration with other organizations will bring the world closer and will ultimately result in global improvements for everybody.

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