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Participate in the "Global Civil Society Network for Peace"

We have started a new partnership with the  international organization Corresponsal de Paz (Peace Correspondent) in Mexico. It is a digital news initiative which dedicates its content to raising visibility about news of peace from all over the world, and we really believe in it.

Corresponsal de Paz is a new means of communication which hopes to inform through a new peaceful perspective: it makes all the effort brought together to transform conflicts visible - what other news media forget to show.
Through this partnership will have its own space on the Corresponsal de Paz website, with the purpose of informing and introducing its beneficiaries at an international level.
Each month we will honor a project chosen from among our partners, with the objective of giving them advantages.
If your organization is already on the website and you would like to be the project of the month, improving both your international projection and the use of Internet, fill out this form. We will be in touch with you.


Translation by Sally Seward
on 22/03/2013
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