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5 new International volunteers of

We are really happy to welcome the 5 new volunteers of iWith which will stay with us for many weeks. They are students of US, Trinidad and Tobago. They really want to make their contribution to our foundation.

They are Apoorva Kanneganti , Marshall Racoosin, Jessica Satterlee,  Shanta Poon-King. Danielle Storms is about to join them.

Apoorva has come from Minnesota through the IES Abroad programme, while Marshall, Jessica and Shanta are here because of the University of Dreams/Dream Careers Programme. Danielle is about to come because of the Global Experience project.

We are really happy to work day by day in a multicultural environment and to learn through our friends and volunteers other parts of the world we are living in.



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Translation by Paulina Cardinale
on 01/07/2013
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