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Featured Project - This is Education for Development

These days, we are launching "This is EfD", "This is Education for Development", an online resource which is an initiative from the Quepo Foundation. The tool is based on a powerful audiovisual material.

In addition to the continuous updating of the website, they are planning to translate it and offer it also in Spanish. It’s designed for teachers, instructors, volunteers, organizations in the field of education and cooperation, leisure, and resources for general public awareness...

They have chosen 10 issues as the topics on the web, and the first step will be to publish daily a central post from a specialist until June 28. Now the site already offers audio-visual material online about each of these topics.

The topics are:

• Right to life: non-violence, culture of peace, disarmament
• We reserve the right of admission: immigration, asylum, mobility, refugees
• Health• Education for All
• Freedom of expression
• Eat or be eaten: fair trade, consumer society
• Healthy Environment: Ecology, sustainability, climate change, environmental policy
• Food power
• Governance: Citizen Participation, third sector, participatory democracy
• Economy

About the Quepo Foundation.

Quepo was founded in December 2007 thanks to four professionals in audiovisuals who are currently members of the foundation’s board.

Offers "audiovisual production services, under the criteria of economy for solidarity, with special attention to the content, to those organizations and groups working on human rights, social justice, the environment, cooperation, citizen participation and a long list of social issues. " Quepo emphasizes its independence as an organization, and an ethical and transparent code of conduct.

About the Education for Development
"Education for Development refers to an educational process aimed at generating critical awareness for world events, it provides tools for social participation and transformation with justice and solidarity. The Education for Development aims to build a global and critical citizen, politically active and socially committed to fair and equitable human development for all communities in the world "(Celorio, G. Lopez of Muna, A., coordinators, 2007. Dictionary of Education for Development).

Translation by Nuria Parera
on 26/06/2013
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