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Headline news talking Internet in Málaga and Barcelona

We attended several events in the month of June to talk about the use of Internet and we would like to share it with you.

Aleksandra, founder of and Ramón, Resources Manager of attended the event eSTAS 2013 in Málaga organized by Cibervoluntarios where they were invited to explain how they managed to win the grant of Barcelona Province for the project SmileUrbo. Even thought they were competing with some big names in the sector, it was still possible to win. They emphasized the importance of hard work and pointed out how the Internet fundamentally changed the way organizations interact and function. Today, even a small dedicated organization can win an important grant ahead of big organizations working in the same area.

Here are the videos of Aleksandra's and Ramón's intervention.

And our volunteer Igor participated in the panel discussion at the Social Media Day in Barcelona. He reflected on the various types of fans brands and organizations have on social channels and how to create new leads by using viral content which can spread more rapidly through people's networks.

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Igor Celikovic
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