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The 6th International Conference of Conflictology and Peace

On 3 and 4 October 2013 and Smilemundo presented Smile Urbo in the 6th International Conference of Conflictology and Peace.

We presented the project 'Smile Urbo: El juego del pueblo' (The village game), supported by and carried out by Smilemundo.

This project has been chosen by Barcelona council as the best proposal of territorial action of awareness and education for development, in which the UOC's Campus por la Paz (host of the conference), la Fundación Universidad of Girona, and l'Arada are all participating.

The presentation was accompanied by an emotional account of the difficulties of development in the village of Osiek, in Poland. This is a model which has been studied by experts and has inspired the creation of this game, where we use information and communication technologies applied to the management of conflicts.

The 6th International Conference of Conflictology and Peace brought together experts in conflict resolution from around the world, with the objective of creating a meeting place where professionals and specialists could exchange experiences in the interests of promoting peace, justice, conflict management, mediation, arbitration and conciliation.

The presentation, which we participated in on behalf of on Thursday afternoon, was chaired by Maria Antònia Guardiola, coordinator of UOC's school of cooperation. We shared the podium with the following extraordinary line up:
  • Alan Bruce: 'Involving Diversity: Methodology of conflict resolution in public transport in Ireland'
  • Zsuzsanna Kacso: 'The role of the construction of scenarios in the structural prevention of electoral violence: the case of Nepal'
  • Aleksandra Zemke and Ramon Bartomeus: 'The award winning project Smile Mundo'
  • Eduard Carrera and Xavier Pastor: 'The cost of conflicts involving housing with shared ownership'



congreso conflictologia

Clara Garcia
Translation by Neil Maclean
on 22/10/2013
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